Eyrie South Block

This past weekend I started a new endeavour - combining a bit of work into my typical weekend routine. That means you will normally find me in the kitchen for a good part of Saturday and Sunday, as I am all about cooking low and slow, and multi-step classic dishes. 
With the current state of the wine industry and restaurant industry in NYC, it has made for some pretty hectic days trying to keep connected and up-to-date with my team, friends, and family. 
The call to shelter on Friday led me to quickly grab from our shop a random mixed case of wines, with the intent on creating tasting notes for my team. Alas, I picked wines that are low in quantity. So I’ve decided to work my way through the case, write up my thoughts on the wines, and share what I paired it with. All the while, offering an insider price on the remaining bottles. 
Sunday’s supper was a beef eye round pot roast with a sauce of red wine, caramelized onion and dried porcini. The dish was finished with a fricassee of snow peas, beech mushrooms and thyme. 
The wine was Oregon’s living history of Pinot Noir, the Original Vine - South Block Reserve from Eyrie Vineyards.

Sourced exclusively from the first vines of Pinot Noir planted in Oregon in 1968 by David Lett, South Block Reserve is one of the most intriguing Pinot Noirs I’ve tasted from the 2014 vintage.
 It is wine that is beautifully transparent in color. The perfume of sweet cherries and creme de framboise leap from the glass. The brightness and vibrancy of the nose made me double check the vintage as it smelled so youthful, like a 2017 red Burgundy. With air, the bouquet in the glass exploded. The depth and savory elements emerged, ranging from white rose petals to orange peels, along with hints of thyme, dried tobacco leaf, and black tea.
The comparison to Burgundy in this wine is undeniable. Think of the most elegant Pommard or Beaune 1er Cru you’ve tasted and this wine is most likely very reminiscent. I was very impressed by the depth of this wine and how it continued to grow and blossom in the glass.
We have just over 18 bottles left of the Eyrie South Block Reserve, if you are interested in snagging any of these last few bottles, just email us at customerservice@morrellwine.com and we will take care of it for you. Please note due to the limited number of bottles available orders may be subject to confirmation. 
I trust you and your loved ones are well. Stay safe and enjoy the time to experiment yourself with food and wine pairings.