Piedmont’s Epic 2016 Vintage
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Piedmont’s Epic 2016 Vintage
One of the most compelling reds in all of Italy

Nebbiolo-based wines are full of quality, depth, aromatics, diversity, and overall value. Akin to Burgundy in so many ways, Nebbiolo from Piemonte continues to gain lovers for all these attributes and its relative value and accessibility.

One area that continues to impress us is the amount of interest and following for the wines of Alto Piemonte - Northern Piedmont. A standout amongst the “Nebbiolo Insiders” is Le Pianelle Bramaterra.

Dark and powerful with silky caressing textures, the Le Pianelle explodes aromatically in the glass and has blossomed in the mouth with tar mineral character that has lasting depth in an exceptionally long finish.

To be frank, this wine costs as much as a bottle of Barolo or Barbaresco, but it is worth every penny.

The Bramaterra which includes 10% Croatina and 10% Vespolina shows a denser and dark personality to Nebbiolo. This makes the Le Pianelle expression have a texture and depth that you typically find in the most coveted and priciest of Barolo. Many will ask for comparison, and if you are familiar with Ferrando’s Etichetta Nera Carema that is probably the first and most appropriate comparison. However, what I have found with this wine is that it is the hypothetical blend of old-school Barolo and Northern-Rhone Syrah.

Let me explain, the dark fruit and earth profile of the Bramaterra shows a savory silty quality that reminds me of Syrah that is then complemented with the perfumed and purple hues of Nebbiolo. It’s captivating and pleasurable.

Dieter Heuskel made frequent trips to Alto Piemonte from his native Germany when he was the Chairman of Boston Consulting Group’s Germany practice. Those weekend trips turned into a second career at Le Pianelle, which he co-founded with highly respected Alto Adige producer Peter DiPoli. The talented Cristiano Garella makes the wines. Readers who have not checked out Le Pianelle owe it to themselves to do so. These are some of the most compelling reds in all of Italy.

Le Pianelle is one of the great recent success stories in Alto Piemonte...Le Pianelle’s flagship Bramaterra has been terrific since I first started tasting it years ago. The 2016 is one of the finest editions yet. I won’t be surprised if it is even more compelling in another few years’ time. –Antonio Galloni

Antonio Galloni has consistently been praising the quality and consistency of Le Pianelle for years. Much like Ferrando and Le Piane, Le Pianelle is a benchmark of Northern Piedmont and one of the most compelling producers in Italy today.


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Le Pianelle - Bramaterra 2016 (750)
Le Pianelle - Bramaterra 2016 (750ml)
Red Wine 

The 2016 Bramaterra is drop-dead gorgeous. Utterly captivating in its aromatics and inner sweetness the 2016 is insanely beautiful. Sweet red cherry candy iron graphite rose petal and blood orange are some of the many notes that... Read More

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