Peay Vineyards
Photo Courtesy of Peay Vineyards

The Graceful Titan
Peay’s Marvelous 2018 Syrah

"The 2018 Syrahs are the unquestioned stars among these new releases from Peay. Once again, the quality and consistency of the 2018 vintage is on full display." –Antonio Galloni, Vinous

The Peay Vineyard located on the far edge of the Sonoma Coast is a magnificent vineyard to see. While Peay is known for their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the Estate Syrah Les Titans is my absolute favorite wine from them, and in my opinion the most overlooked and underappreciated Syrah in California. 

Located on the northern-coast, Peay Vineyards is without a doubt a cool-climate. Les Titans is a specific vineyard block on the estate that produces compact and powerful Syrah. The wine is packed with acidity due to receiving ample sunlight, with a constant cool coastal breeze. My best comparison to frame what Les Titans is like is to think of Cornas. The wine is powerful with refined tannins and textures that is complemented by a meaty, mineral edge. The fruit is ample yet restrained and never jammy. A grilled aroma is most certainly present as well as ample floral aspects. The wines are aromatically captivating and have proven time and time again that bottle age only accentuates the wine's complexity.

The 2018 Les Titans is exquisite and perhaps the most complete vintage upon release for this wine. Already extremely compelling it is hard to resist as Antonio Galloni points out due to its “mind-blowing balance, the Titans has it all.” and “is a fabulous wine in every way.”

Our stocks are very limited but after tasting a recent bottle it just reassured us that this wine deserves the added attention and needs to sell out like a highly allocated wine.